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29/11/09 17:30

I am so excited to go to the Happiest Place on Earth in a few weeks! >D It is going to be ... THE AWESOME~!

And then I am also very excited for fun tiemz Hetalia-ing it up after I get back! x'D I am so excited to finally be Prussia! And then I get to embarrass myself on SKATES. *palmface*

12/10/09 13:19


I'm on the front page! >D F YEAH!

1/10/09 17:52

I am now a blonde!

This one tiny part in my bangs still had some black dye in it though, which I did not realize (although, I should have suspected) and so there's this little tip of my hair that is like dark red. D: It drives me crazy having the rest platinum blonde and then this TINY LITTLE BIT being dark red!

But, I am gonna get that taken care of soon (maybe Saturday?) so yay!

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27/9/09 18:07 - Devious Journal Entry

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Vampire Knight

One of two photo posts! Photos from band photo shoot later. :D

16/9/09 17:27

I just got my desktop fixed! Yay!
Then I tracked My Zero cosplay and it is California, just released from customs! :o Hoorayy~! It'll be here soon then. :D
Now I go to class! 

Life is good ;D

17/8/09 02:06

Yay! My mom booked our hotel room for Saboten! I am so excited because this means I can go to sleep whenever, wake up early, and go down and have fun! 8D I love geeking out. c:

Also, I worked on my Cross cosplay today. I got the gold trim, finally, and I attached it to the front of the jacket, and it is looking really sharp, I think! And then I just have to do the back (the slits), add the two buttons, and add the ruffle to the jacket and that's it! Well, for the jacket at least. I am pretty close to being done with the rest of the costume too though. WILL POST MORE ON THAT LATER.

My mom bought me these fabrics tonight to make headbows:

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8/8/09 20:01

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

KHR: 80
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5/8/09 19:56

The internet is out on my desktop because I got a virus on it, and then I wiped it clean because I couldn't get it off, and the CD I have to install my internet is being a pain in the ass, because apparently it has a huge scratch on it. So, I tried to make a new CD, but it's apparently a hopeless CD or whuteva~
And then I got this other wireless int0rnet do-dad that I had laying around my house, because I am cool and have computer crap laying around my house just in case the situation arises where I might need it, but am too lazy to go to the store. So, I do the installation of this baby, but it's like: "WE HAS FOUND INTERNETS" and then it's like: "But... there's a catch" So, I am like: "Oh really? What's that?" And then it's like: "THE INTERNET CANNOT BE FOUND" and I am like: "YOU SLY BUGGER, I AM GONNA BEAT YO' ASS." 

*Please note: This conversation between my computer and I did not actually take place, this entry is a work of (semi-)fiction, and almost everything, if not everything, should be taken with a grain of salt.

So yeah, basically my internet on my desktop doesn't work now because it hates me or something. D: So, I shall be figuring that goodness out before school starts -- which, while we're on the subject -- I start school in ... LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. It's like... I dunno, 12 - 13 days now, and yeah. I am kind of excited.

But, I need my computer going for it because  typing on this laptop drives me up a wall, because it's all compact and stuff and my fingers are HUGE, I mean ... have you seeeen my fingers? xD *Please note: The grain of salt thing still remains even at this point in the journal*

I made dinner tonight. It was corn cakes topped with black beans and sour creme and other goodies -- but, since I am a HUGE genius and all, I was all making them and then I am like: "Lolol, fry the corncakes" then I take a bite into one of them and I am like: "OH SNAP, I FORGOT SOMETHING" -- and you will never believe what I forgot in corncakes ... well, actually, you probably will believe it, but maaaan -- I FORGOT CORN. In corncakes. So, they were cornmeal pancakes instead. xD But, I was clever (well, actually it was my mom who was the clever one) and then *magically* a bit of corn appeared to top the "corncakes" with and all was good. They tasted good though and had a nice flavor, but I still cannot believe I forgot such an important ingredient in them.

Wow, this is actually a long entry for me. I use capslock a lot too, I think ... but nothing compared to Kroostin/Krusten :B 

I am feeling all rambunctious right now though and I just wanna go for a run and then end up somewhere with doughnuts and just eat like a million doughnuts then be too full to run home so then I would have to call my parents or something to get home, and yeah. I THINK I NEED TO CALM DOWN. *turns on the korean boy music*

Oh yeah, that hits the spot~!

Anyways, I think I have filled up your friend list enough for now, and I will stoooop. Until next time ;D

27/7/09 01:33

I love Mark Rothko recently! 

Spam entry is spam ...

Oh baby, your sense of color and subtle use of texture is to die for.

There's just something about it that I like. Usually I like art to have a person in it or something cute looking, and I usually like it to be a freaking mess or really neat and tidy ... but this is none of that. This piece shows emotion though, and it seems like it was not thought out at all, but at the same time, you can tell there was planning and this was not spontaneous. I think that sometimes things don't look like they take planning, skill, or anything like that, but I think that really there's something special about them.

For example, Jackson Pollock ... the guy threw paint onto canvas, and yet his paintings are some of the most expensive paintings in the world. I think that sometimes it's not about what's in the painting, or if it took skill or thought to do it, but it's more about what everyone else is painting. I think that Pollock's work is very unique (or at least it was until people started copying him) and for that, that's the reason why his paintings cost so much and he is so iconic.

But, back to Rothko's work ... I think that this shit is brilliant!

That is all.

20/7/09 19:10

I made cinnamon rolls today! Go me! They were cute and tasted good, and were very sticky! But, the problem I had with them is that the icing was hard to make since I had no powdered fructose, so I had to try to use regular fructose, but it was hard to get the consistency right, so I kept adding fructose ... and well, let's just say the icing should be used sparingly! xD

I am drinking black coffee right now, and it tastes like there is sweetener in it, when there is most certainly not! It's kind of funny, actually! But yeah, now I know: go easy on the fructose in the icing if you don't wanna put everyone in diabetic coma.

Time to eat something salty because, yeah. D:

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