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The internet is out on my desktop because I got a virus on it, and then I wiped it clean because I couldn't get it off, and the CD I have to install my internet is being a pain in the ass, because apparently it has a huge scratch on it. So, I tried to make a new CD, but it's apparently a hopeless CD or whuteva~
And then I got this other wireless int0rnet do-dad that I had laying around my house, because I am cool and have computer crap laying around my house just in case the situation arises where I might need it, but am too lazy to go to the store. So, I do the installation of this baby, but it's like: "WE HAS FOUND INTERNETS" and then it's like: "But... there's a catch" So, I am like: "Oh really? What's that?" And then it's like: "THE INTERNET CANNOT BE FOUND" and I am like: "YOU SLY BUGGER, I AM GONNA BEAT YO' ASS." 

*Please note: This conversation between my computer and I did not actually take place, this entry is a work of (semi-)fiction, and almost everything, if not everything, should be taken with a grain of salt.

So yeah, basically my internet on my desktop doesn't work now because it hates me or something. D: So, I shall be figuring that goodness out before school starts -- which, while we're on the subject -- I start school in ... LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. It's like... I dunno, 12 - 13 days now, and yeah. I am kind of excited.

But, I need my computer going for it because  typing on this laptop drives me up a wall, because it's all compact and stuff and my fingers are HUGE, I mean ... have you seeeen my fingers? xD *Please note: The grain of salt thing still remains even at this point in the journal*

I made dinner tonight. It was corn cakes topped with black beans and sour creme and other goodies -- but, since I am a HUGE genius and all, I was all making them and then I am like: "Lolol, fry the corncakes" then I take a bite into one of them and I am like: "OH SNAP, I FORGOT SOMETHING" -- and you will never believe what I forgot in corncakes ... well, actually, you probably will believe it, but maaaan -- I FORGOT CORN. In corncakes. So, they were cornmeal pancakes instead. xD But, I was clever (well, actually it was my mom who was the clever one) and then *magically* a bit of corn appeared to top the "corncakes" with and all was good. They tasted good though and had a nice flavor, but I still cannot believe I forgot such an important ingredient in them.

Wow, this is actually a long entry for me. I use capslock a lot too, I think ... but nothing compared to Kroostin/Krusten :B 

I am feeling all rambunctious right now though and I just wanna go for a run and then end up somewhere with doughnuts and just eat like a million doughnuts then be too full to run home so then I would have to call my parents or something to get home, and yeah. I THINK I NEED TO CALM DOWN. *turns on the korean boy music*

Oh yeah, that hits the spot~!

Anyways, I think I have filled up your friend list enough for now, and I will stoooop. Until next time ;D

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