arisu_diamante (arisu_diamante) wrote,

I am now a blonde!

This one tiny part in my bangs still had some black dye in it though, which I did not realize (although, I should have suspected) and so there's this little tip of my hair that is like dark red. D: It drives me crazy having the rest platinum blonde and then this TINY LITTLE BIT being dark red!

But, I am gonna get that taken care of soon (maybe Saturday?) so yay!

I went to school today, and found out I can't take the physiology class I wanted to this semester (besides, the book is crazy expensive! It's $275 for one book), because apparently there was a misreading of the catalog x'D So, next semester I think I'll take either geology (if I can get it at a time that doesn't interfere with 3D Design or Math) or biology!

I am so close to being done with this college stuff! I have the rest of this semester (it's like... 10 more weeks, I think? Or maybe it is 9 now) and then the full Spring semester, and then ... one class in the summer and BA-BAM, I am OUTA there with an associates degree! >:D Then I get to go to ASU in the Fall of 2010! xD Hooray!

Anyways, after school, I went to Hobby Lobby (of course! I have to make multiple trips every week), then went to Sally's, then Petsmart (Ace got a new collar ♥), then my mom went to these one clothing stores at this one shopping center I forget the name of, and I sat around bored. D: And then we went to get lunch at Einstein Bros., and I had a yummy bagel with veggies on it, and I ordered two drinks! x'D An iced latte and a orange juice, just because they both looked so nice!
Then went to Micheal's to find satin ribbon (they don't have any at Hobby Lobby), and they apparently didn't have any there either, so I must check JoAnn next. Then we went to Trader Joe's, then to visit my grandparents, then we picked up Kroos, came home, bleached my hair, and now I am here!

I am going to work on stuff for AA now. I am getting a lot of progress done on my bows.
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