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i promise this will be chilling

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hello lolita

biographies = hard

i'm terrible at writing biographies, i'm tempted to write about how terrible i am about writing biographies here in my biography. thankfully, this is the first one i have had to write -- er, well, i have tried to write on here before, but i start failing at it within a matter of moments. i am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to these things and i never am happy with what i do coding wise! i always want more or different, but i never actually change them because i am unenthusiastic and passionless when it comes to doing so. i guess i should stop rambling about myself not desiring to write biographies, but hey, what can you do. moving on! someone insert a cool looking logo here!

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the enthusiasm continues!

i enjoy painting, all things lolita, manga/anime, fine art, music, gastronomy, preservation of naturally deceased life forms, photography, medical art, sanrio, punk fashion, aesthetically pleasing deserts, the color pink, cosplay, and talking. i can seem pretty quiet though -- i can assure you though, i am not quiet once you get to know me, i'm actually quite the chatterbox. anywhos, more about me! i am going to college for art, once i get my aa i will go on to get my bfa and i hope to make a portfolio style book of some of my work if only i could finish things. i'm horrible about finishing anything; i start a lot of things, but never finish them. enough of my yammering! can we get another cool logo?!

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name: kyle.
height: 185.4 centimeters.
weight: 58.9 kilograms
favourite brand: sexpot revenge, vivienne westwood, angelic pretty.
fragrance: princess: vera wang.
favourite food: chocolate.
favourite colours: pink, black, white.
music: 渋谷トランス向上委員会, MALICE MIZER, Madonna, Campus Summit, BBクイーンズ-おどるポンポコリン, Dir en grey, ALI PROJECT, alice nine., ANTIC CAFE, Ayumi Hamasaki, MAEKEN TRANCE PROJECT, the gazettE, Gackt, C-ute, Bjork.
television programming: bizarre foods, martha stewart, project runway, america's next top model.
books/magazines: xxxholic, legal drug, death note, othello, paradise kiss, i"s, fruits, gothic lolita bible, hi-fructose, etc
favoured art styles/movements: baby art, superflat, medical art, french impressionism, pop surrealism, lowbrow, rococo, japanese bondage art, manga

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yes, this needs to be more pink. i'm working on it.
alba rosa, alice auaa, alice in wonderland, an cafe, angeleek, angelic pretty, anime, antique postcards, area rug shopping, art, atelier boz, avant garde, b-gal, baby art, baby stars shine bright, bamboo, banba, black peace now, campus summit, chanel, charmy kitty, cherry blossoms, chocolate, coffee, colored contacts, corsets, cosplay, cupcakes, cute, death note, decora, egl, elegance, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita fashion, emily temple cute, eurobeat, extensions, fake eyelashes, fashion, gal, gal circle, ganguro, gastronomy, gazen para para, geiko, geisha, geisha girls, german military imagery, geta, gothic & lolita bibles, gyaru, gyaru-o, h.naoto, hair, hair dye, hair extensions, hakama, harajuku, hello kitty, himegyaru, hyper techno, hyper trance, j-fashion, jane marple, japanese art, japanese calligraphy, japanese dolls, japanese fashion, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, japanese women, jesus diamante, junko, kana, kanon, kimono, kodona, kogal, kyoto, liz lisa, lolita, lolita fashion, madonna, maeken trance project, makeup, malice mizer, mamba, mana, manba, manga, mary magdalene, material girl, medical art, metamorphose temps de fille, milk, moi-même-moitié, music, nail art, obi, ouji, oujisama, painting, parapara, parasols, perfume sampling, photography, piercings, pink, preserving deceased life forms, rococo, rumiringo, sakura, sanrio, seifuku, sentaa gai, sexpot revenge, sexy dynamite london, shamisen, shibuya 109, street fashion, sweet lolita, tea parties, techpara, the chinese language, tiara, tomb lilies, torapara, trapara, trevor brown, ukiyo-e, union jack, victorian clothing, vintage photography, visual kei, vivienne westwood, wa-loli, yamamba, yamanba, yukata, zori